Men's Ministry

What is our Men’s Ministry?

Alongside men’s groups and sessions, the Men’s Ministry offers an array of activities and events. These range from heart-to-heart BBQ’s to an online series about being a better man.

You can get involved with our sports socials and join guest speakers at our Men’s Breakfasts. There’s also a chance to participate in Parish Ministry improvement projects to help single parents.

Men’s Ministry & programs

Men’s Groups & Sessions

All Ages

This ministry is designed for men of all ages to be in Christian fellowship and mentorship through social events, and online seminars with a focus on bonding and serving.

Why join our Men’s Ministry?

We hope to see men develop authenticity and openness, which hopefully will lead to a more satisfying and fulfilled life as the spiritual leader in their household.

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Looking to learn more about this Ministry?

Here you can find out more about this Ministry’s regular gatherings and events, and how you can get involved.