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Chilliwack Alliance Church desires to help people around the world grow deeper as we seek to reach wider through developing partnerships.

Chilliwack Alliance Church - Our Missions
The world and its need for the Saviour is inherent in our DNA, and through the power of the Holy Spirit we have the chance to help effect radical life change, increasing His Church and His Kingdom here on earth. We do this as we reach wide through missions.

What our community has to say about Missions

“You will be challenged, changed & amazed”

For myself and many others the whole “COVID” experience has not been good. It forced us into isolation as a preference to spending time in community.

However, one thing which emerged as a result was the creation of Virtual Mission Trips. Brilliant; now anyone no matter where they are at, can experience a short-term mission trip. CAC set up two such trips over the past two years; one to North of Nineveh and the second to Peru.

I attended both of them via my computer and was once again blow away by what I experienced. I got a fresh glimpse of what was happening in two of our mission fields during COVID and learned they were actually thriving and growing, not what I expected. Doors were opening with a desire to hear from God because of COVID.

I encourage anyone who is looking for a fresh encounter with God to lean into a missions trip either in person or virtually – you will be challenged, changed and amazed on how God is working in our midst.

“on that trip, God changed my life”

Our church has a rich history being involved in Missions trips and Mission Fields. When I was 15 years old, I was very fortunate to go to Russia with the youth. That trip changed my life…on that trip, God changed my life.

Before even leaving the ground, we had to raise enough money to go, and going to Russia was not cheap. God provided for this little 15-year-old, who had no idea how the money would come together, yet somehow had faith it would. God taught me that the world is much bigger than my little town, and that people all over the world need to hear about Jesus and His amazing love for them!

That was the first of many more missions’ trips that God used to help me grow deeper with Him. When it works for me to go again, I look forward to going to one of our Four Fields of Focus! In the meantime, I try to be a light in my neighbourhood as best I can…even though doing it in your own backyard can sometimes be the most difficult.

“He inspired me to consider how we can serve”

Participation in the North of Nineveh Virtual Mission Trip (VMT) did not only make an impact on my perspective about overseas Missions, but it made an impact on my journey here in Chilliwack. I learned not only about how we can support overseas mission initiatives but how we can be missionaries within our community.

I was particularly inspired by a Nineveh pastor’s active commitment to the people in his community regardless of race, gender, or religious background. He inspired me to consider how we can serve the needs of our local community in Chilliwack. This, along with other pieces of the VMT revealed to me the needs in our community and how I can play a role in serving these needs.

My husband and I now serve in a local ministry to the most vulnerable in our city. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

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