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About 6 hours south of the border, in Baja, Mexico is the small community of San Quintin. Over the years this place has become home to a ministry interested in working with God as He works big things in the lives of those living here.

One Life One Chance exists to support local indigenous ministries, to encourage the Church and to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to people and their communities.  

Pastoring a church in this area is challenging. Most of these pastors shepherd small congregations, working other jobs to support the ministry and their families. Few have formal theological training and lack denominational support or accountability. OLOC has dreamed to be able to provide biblical and leadership training for these pastors.

Enter CAC. We work together to develop a program to address this need. Our ‘pilot’ event was held over a weekend in September 2019 and was well received. We have continued to provide the means for training weekends to be able to happen. We look forward to the ‘more’ God might have in this for series of conferences and more frequent events that equip and minister to the pastors and renew their calling to ministry. We want to be able to provide these events at no cost to the pastors, so we seek to absorb the full cost, in addition to sending small teams to help serve behind the scenes to make the event happen. This frees our OLOC friends to minister to these pastors.

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