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The C&MA, International Workers (IWs) and Least Reached Peoples

We are part of the Alliance Canada (formerly the Christian & Missionary Alliance). We are churches and we are a sending organization.

Together we aim to be Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused movement. We send IWs to live on mission among Least Reached People Groups (LRPGs). By definition, a LRPG is an ethnic people group with no more than 2% of their population (in any country they live) are evangelical Christians. Nor do they have resources to evangelize their own people. According to Joshua Project, the amount of LRPGs represent 42.6% of the world population. This is why we are motivated to send workers.

To date, this looks like approximately 250 workers situated all over the world, and 40% of these workers are in countries who closed their doors long ago to traditional missionaries. These countries are referred to as Creative Access Countries. To be able to safely communicate the ministry of all of our IWs the map has been divided into the following regions: Sea to Sea (Canada), Asian Spice (East Asia and Southeast Asia), Caribbean Sun (Mexico, Central and South Americas), Desert Sand (continent of Africa), and Silk Road (Europe, Russia, Arabian Peninsula & Central Asia)

Our churches together make it possible for these people to be on the field. Click here for more information

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